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How we did it

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From In-House to Agency

avXperten had tried various agencies with varying degrees of success. Eventually they changed to managing their accounts in-house, however, co-founder Frederik didn’t feel that it was the best use of this time.

After long deliberations we entered into a collaboration, and it was not all roses and butterflies from day one.

The First 6 Months Weren’t Picture Perfect

Despite great effort from everybody, the initials 6 months were not super positive and we didn’t see a direct correlation in performance improvements that justified our fee. However, due to the confidence of Frederik and Nikolaj, we continued the collaboration, which today has proved to be an excellent decision.

Today, the collaboration is very successful, and avXperten has been given the freedom to focus on business with the addition of 40% more products, as well as multiple improvements to the website.

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SavvyRevenue has been handling our Google Ads for several years. In that timespan we have seen an increase in revenue, and we have freed up a lot of internal time spent on Google Ads previously.

Our cooperation with Savvy doesn’t end with Google Ads though. They are great at suggesting site improvements for increased performance and spar with on other factors outside of Google Ads.

They have a can-do-attitude about everything, which is absolutely delightful.
Frederik Nielsen avXperten
Frederik Nielsen
Founder and co-owner

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