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Buying a bed doesn't happen overnight


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How we did it

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Buying a bed does not happen overnight (no pun intended).

The purchase journey is complex, and especially since you can’t try the beds from Better Nights, therefore the marketing must be razor-sharp.

By getting to know Better Night’s customers, as well as the product, we were able to implement a Search strategy that has resulted in positive growth since its launch in 2017.

Lasting results

After 2.5 years of cooperation, the positive growth rates continue.

This comes not only from a focus on Google Ads, but also from a collaboration. A collaboration where website improvements are quickly managed and executed in Google Ads with constant growth.

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Before we started a collaboration with SavvyRevenue we were concerned that we had hit a plateau compared to our past history. Our campaigns were very comprehensive, so we weren't sure if we could get more out of the account.

In the end, we chose a partnership with SavvyRevenue because of their good reputation and professional skills.

This has resulted in steady percentage growth in the entire Danish Google Ads account, as well as a healthy business in Norway and Sweden.
Marcus Forsberg
Head of Marketing, Bedre Nætter

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