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higher revenue comparing year 3 to 2

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higher ROAS comparing year 3 to 2

How we did it

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  • Created with Sketch. Segmented Google Shopping strategy
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  • Created with Sketch. Layered Facebook Ads
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Curvii is focused on the plus-size apparel market in Denmark. Their unique product inventory has formed our very simple strategy from day one: To chase maximum exposure for all relevant search terms.

It sounds simple, and it is, but further work with creating a layered approach to plus size keywords, brand keywords, and generic keywords has allowed us to be “forever present” in a way you’d think only the big brands could be.

Continue Growth in Year 3

We have continued the growth after three years of collaboration.

Even though we hit a plateau in year two, we were able to resume the growth by implementing Facebook Ads, profit tracking, and an even closer collaboration on promotions amongst other things.

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We needed to free up time, and take our Google Ads to the next level, so we chose SavvyRevenue as an alternative to hiring an in-house employee.

Clear communication was important to us, and we needed to feel that SavvyRevenue knew just as much as we do about our business.

Another criteria was to keep a stable ROAS so we didn’t just increase ad spend, and didn’t make any money.

SavvyRevenue lived up to the expectations we had from the get-go and helped grow Curvii within a few months of starting our collaboration.

We give our highest recommendation to SavvyRevenue.
Kent Medom
CTO & Co-Founder, Curvii

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