Lakrids by bülow

Scaled Google Ads to 8 markets and beyond


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Growth in revenue the second year

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higher ROAS than the target

How we did it

  • Created with Sketch. Experience from the market enabled us to move fast
  • Created with Sketch. Continuous updating of ads according to season and promotions
  • Created with Sketch. Die-hard focus on the basics across 8 countries
  • Created with Sketch. Manual bidding due to high seasonal fluctuations
  • Created with Sketch. The same framework was tweaked and reused across all countries
  • Created with Sketch. Customer Match and Custom Intent Focus for Google Display
SavvyRevenue Customer Lakrids by Bülow

Moving fast

Lakrids by Bülow launched a new eCommerce platform in Denmark, as well as expanding to 7 other countries in just three months, during their peak season.

We had to move fast, and we did. We hit record after record across all marketing channels and of course also on Google Ads.

No silo-marketing

A strong partnership with PL & Partners, as well as with the in-house team at Lakrids by Bülow, resulted in an integrated marketing strategy.

All major marketing channels communicate and share the same message.

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SavvyRevenue came onboard at a time where we, with ambitious plans, quickly needed to set up a new eCommerce store and solid digital marketing across 8 countries.
Filip and Andrew have shown themselves as enormous assets, which from the beginning have taken full responsibility and care of our advertising in Google.

When you have to set up so many shopping and search campaigns in a short space of time, it's great when an agency steps up to the challenge and instantly takes care of everything from feed optimization to execution ideas.

I enjoy being in the trenches as often as possible, but also find peace in knowing that performance will be at the top, even if I'm busy with something else. I highly recommend SavvyRevenue to any serious eCommerce company.
Michael Ewald
Ecommerce Director, Lakrids by Bülow

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