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growth in revenue in year 2

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lower ROAS in year 2

How we did it

Strategy is one of Denmark’s fastest-growing eCommerce stores and 1% growth Shopify worldwide, which needs a team that can keep up.

With a strong dialogue, we still, in the third year of collaboration, continue to generate results and growth in ROAS/revenue.

Lasting results

Instead of comparing the year before we came on board with the year we did, the results above show that we were able to increase revenue by 185% in 2018 compared to 2017.

We already saw a massive increase in revenue by 2018, but who believes in a 900% revenue growth.

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"Andrew (and subsequently his team) has run our SEM for nearly four years, and our strategies and targets have varied in the process.

In the early days, he successfully altered the entire structure of our account towards a more scalable setup. In the following years, he consistently hit our rather aggressive ROAS targets, whilst quadrupling our spend.

At the moment, as our company has grown substantially in the last couple of years, he and Savvyrevenue have moved our spend to a more profitable strategy.

Our cooperation has succeeded, mainly due to our trust in Andrew’s work. We have been relatively hands-off in the execution part but have managed to remain in control through weekly meetings and followups.

For you to have similar success, you should have resources ready to make technical changes once in a while, but otherwise, I believe they manage themselves very well.

Andrew is a “No Bullshit” guy, who will tell you when you are performing, and especially if you are not.

In short, Andrew and Savvyrevenue has been great in delivering on the aggressive growth targets in our strategy, not only for us but to my knowledge also for his other clients that I know. Their approach keeps us accountable. I am delighted to recommend them."
Alexander Thygesen
Founder/CEO, moodings

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Filip Lindblom
Director of PPC & Co-owner SavvyRevenue

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