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You can still rock the boat in a mature market


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growth in revenue in year 2

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lower ROAS in year 2

How we did it

Strategy is one of Denmark’s fastest growing eCommerce stores and 1% growth Shopify worldwide, which needs a team that can keep up.

With a strong dialogue, we still, in the third year of collaboration, continue to generate results and growth in ROAS/revenue.

Lasting results

Instead of comparing the year before we came onboard with the year we did, the results above shows that we were able to increase revenue with 185% in 2018, compared to 2017.

We already saw a massive increase in revenue by 2018, but who believes in a 900% revenue growth.

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Together with SavvyRevenue, we went from a lukewarm PPC-advertising to rocket speed. We went from index 100 to an index 526 in Google Ads performance during the first 18 months.

We have a true partner in SavvyRevenue, which, we feel, are able to grow with us in the same speed as our own business is growing.

We 100% trust that the advertisement is on point and we communicate easily, without sales talk and trivial matters.
Alexander Thygesen
Founder/CEO, moodings

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