Rezet Sneaker Store

Overcame an advertising plateau with new energy


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higher non-branded revenue

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higher ROAS measured over 6 months

How we did it

  • Created with Sketch. Feed-based Search campaigns
  • Created with Sketch. SKAG-structure for gender, size, colour, model and brand
  • Created with Sketch. Shopping segmented on major categories
  • Created with Sketch. Focus on most converting terms in Shopping
  • Created with Sketch. Strong focus on keeping up with the weekly promotions
  • Created with Sketch. Facebook Ads for retargeting, product launching and evergreens


Rezet had reached a plateau with Google Ads and needed an energy boost in their online advertising.

After updating the entire account, as well as setting up a separate View Account account, we generated almost twice as much revenue in the first 6 months of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.

Nothing lasts forever

Rezet Sneaker Store is no longer a customer, as they moved the work to their in-house department, after a successful set up.

The reference is received after the terminated cooperation which was otherwise successful.

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From day one, SavvyRevenue has worked tremendously professionally and engaging with our online marketing. The collaboration was impeccable and we saw a 40% growth on Google Ads and established a solid foundation on Facebook Ads.

SavvyRevenue not only performed the tasks we asked for, but constantly came up with new ideas on how to get more traffic to our site, which for us was a great gift as we did not have the internal resources to search the constant development there happens here.

I can do nothing else but recommend SavvyRevenue and the team behind.
Kasper Mølgaard-Nielsen
Co-Founder, Rezet Sneaker Store

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