Successfully taken over from in-house employees


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growth in revenue

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higher ROAS

How we did it


The biggest potential for improvement was the Shopping campaigns and the expansion to Sweden. We built granular Shopping campaigns so that we could individually bid on the different types of ladders and stairs that are sold at different average orders.

For Sweden, we took advantage of the entire palette: feed-based search campaigns, granular Shopping campaigns, and our in-house Swedish knowledge.

Committed to the untraceable

There are large B2B orders within the ladders and scaffolding market. Therefore, it was important that even if ROAS was declining for certain periods. Then we would not panic and decrease our bids.

One big B2B sale can turn the final result upside down. Therefore, we were constantly aware of being in contact with Peter to make sure that even what we could not track directly was included in the bidding.

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From the start, we have been well treated and very pleased with the cooperation. We get ongoing inquiries from our contact person about possible improvements - and our inquiries and tasks are resolved quickly and professionally.

In the time leading up to and after our migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we have sparred with Savvy about everything from tracking completed forms to ITP tracking and keyword analysis in both Denmark and Sweden.

Good and pleasant people to work with.
Peter Christensen
Owner, ApS

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growth in revenue


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