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growth in revenue

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growth in ROAS

How we did it


We have a close corporation with the customer to ensure we keep track of the profit and control our investments in the different marketing channels. This is to maximize the potential via blended ROAS.

To accommodate Smart Bidding we have optimized the conversion website and implemented server site tracking. This will increase the conversion data on the Smart Bidding portfolios we are handling today on the account.

Finally, we have separated our critical performance on product categories that do not meet our performance requirements. Instead of investing everywhere, we have focused on single categories and implemented more connections with growth and success.

Exploiting the biggest categories' potential

Our largest category was responsible for a large amount of revenue when we started the corporation. The category was deprioritized from other bad-performing categories that the shop wasn’t ready to push yet.

We decided, along with Møbelkompagniet, to take a step back from the bad-performing categories. This has resulted in releasing more budget and give us more time to focus on pushing the well-performing categories. This way, we are building a solid foundation that we can use to reach achieve bigger results in the future.

By taking a step back on the bad-performing categories, we increased our budget, found time to do targeted pushing on the largest categories, and build the foundation for bigger things in the long run.

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"SavvyRevenue adds value to us in multiple ways. One of many is being a partner who understands our business and knows where we want to go. At the same time, Savvy is super quick to take action and shift "direction" if necessary.

We don't have any in-house Google Ads and have entrusted the full responsibility to Savvy. With good communication channels on both sides, I think this is one of many elements that allow us to succeed even better than with other agencies we've tried!

Savvy is super hardworking and skilled. I/we appreciate their expertise and the way they navigate in what is now a very large market for us. Their will, determination, understanding of our business, and the results they can/have achieved are impressive. Most recently, a November month that has exceeded expectations - it's crazy!"
Daniel Gerfort
CMO & Founder, Møbelkompagniet

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Filip Lindblom
Director of PPC & Co-owner SavvyRevenue

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