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How we did it


TeeShoppen has an extensive product portfolio, but as the fast fashion industry is very competitive on Google Ads, it was necessary to develop a strategy based on their strengths.

The focus was on their private label range, which was both the best-selling and, therefore, the most scalable products.

A granular feed-based setup for search was set up to deliver the best ads and landing pages for relevant searches.

The Google Shopping strategy was developed based on priorities to ensure that the right products were shown for the right searches.

As they have a strong presence on social media, it was essential to separate brand and non-brand searches to measure the effectiveness of our product strategies more effectively.

Go-to-market and maturity

TeeShoppen’s entry into several new markets left a need for a go-to-market strategy and ongoing expansion that followed the market’s maturity.

Simple setups focusing on a limited range could be gradually expanded as the business gained a foothold in the market.

Here, a step-by-step plan provides the framework for how we can adapt our setup to the step that a country is in, with each step containing a pool of campaigns and a focus on a specific product range.

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SavvyRevenue is to us what a good mother is to their child. They enrich our lives with comfort, support, knowledge, and push us in the right direction toward our dreams.

The honesty, professionalism, and work ethic that SavvyRevenue has is something I have never experienced before on the same level as other agencies.

I love working with people, that are extraordinarily skilled and have a lot of pride (without it being too much) in their job. That is without a doubt the team that SavvyRevenue has put together!
Benjamin Philip
CEO & Founder, TeeShoppen

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Filip Lindblom
Director of PPC & Co-owner SavvyRevenue

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