Why The Ideal Fit Is So Important

One of the early decisions we made in SavvyRevenue was to acknowledge that our services aren’t for everyone. Yes, we can do PPC for anyone and we’d perform well, but that’s not our goal. We want to be the best fit. We want to go deep with each individual client and to do that we need to provide value.

The best way to provide value is to have methods and processes that we know work. If we were to create a method for dozens of industries, we’d never be best in class.

The truth is that we’re not the best fit for everyone. When choosing an agency you shouldn’t go for a so-so fit. You should go for best fit.

Therefore, to provide a helping hand for you to figure out whether we’re the best fit for you, I’ve written this list of areas that we don’t work with.

6 Scenarios That We've Chosen Not To Work With

No matter how good your advertising is, then you can’t overcome a bad product.


This is our base philosophy when it comes to working with clients. Our services can enhance all the good in your business, but we can’t fix a bad business. There are other agencies that focus on going in-depth into the operations of your ecommerce store or advise you on inventory management, but it’s not us.

We rarely work with ecommerce stores that only sell a few products. Our services and methods are built to help ecommerce stores that have ~1,000+ SKUs in their inventory.

If you’re brand new in ecommerce and need a lot of handholding when it comes to your general digital strategy, then we’re typically not a good fit. Our methods will often scale your paid advertising quickly, so if you’re having logistics issues or aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of running an ecommerce store, then our services are typically not for you.

No lead generation, no local-only companies and no “call only” businesses. We’ve focused our services and expertise on ecommerce.

You’re looking for the lowest price. PPC consultants are a dime a dozen these days. You can find consultants that’ll charge you a lot less than we will, and so should they. So if you’re basing your decision solely on price, then we will not be a good fit.

You’re just trying it out. Yes, we can get you results rather quickly, but if you’re in the mindset of just seeing if PPC is for you, then we’re probably not a good fit.

You don’t deal well with constructive feedback. Throughout our client relationships we provide steady streams of feedback that we feel can improve our results. Some of these might go against initiatives you spearheaded yourself or design changes you love.

Clients We Believe Are Best Fit

We help ecommerce stores that do business in US, Canada or Scandinavia. We have a US division and Danish division.
You have a budget, or a potential, of more than DKK 50,000 per month in costs to Google Ads.

Have the ability to scale as we improve your results. This isn’t a requirement, but if you have the ability to scale your business as we continue to improve your PPC the results can be incredible. Know that we’re just as happy working with bootstrapped ecommerce stores that need their PPC advertising to be a profit center as well.

Have seen early traction. If you’re just starting out, but are seeing great results that you want to amplify, we’re the agency for you. We’ll help build a strong foundation and scale it as your ecommerce operation grows as well.

Have strong marketing, but are missing the PPC piece. We sometimes meet ecommerce stores that are having great success with SEO, social media, CSEs, flashsales and other channels, but have never seen success with paid search. There can be many reasons for that, but trust me – if you have a good business are generating profitable revenue from other sources then in 9 out of 10 cases we can help you profit from paid search as well.

Want to reduce risk by moving from in-house management to agency-management. Moving PPC management in-house was all the craze a while ago. However, after a couple of years we’re seeing some companies rollback on the decision. Often it’s due to turnover among key staff that makes it hard to sustain momentum.

Want to expand their PPC advertising. If you’re stuck with your current campaigns and can’t seem to grow your account further, we’re usually a best fit.

Can’t keep up with all the new initiatives from Google or the new channels. Whether it’s the latest data feed requirements, change to targeting methods, audience additions or it’s a social network opening for advertisers, we’re on top of the latest doings in the digital advertising space. We regularly discuss these new channels in private mastermind groups, at industry dinners and elsewhere. The advantage of being an agency is that we can share a lot of information without having it traced back to any one client. That means sharing experiences are far easier for us than in-house teams.

Let's Show You Your Potential

Many e-commerce companies are not aware of their potential within PPC.

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If you’ve read this and you don’t know if we’re a good match, send us a message anyway.

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