Press play to see the full recording of our SavvySession about
Google Ads in 2023 and what we will start, stop and continue doing.


Andrew has made predictions for many years on some of the most popular publications on the Internet, and they are always useless. 

We get asked to make the wildest, most outrageous predictions because they gather clicks and eyeballs. 

So in this SavvySession, we will do it differently this time.

Andrew will give you in practical terms:

  1. What we are planning on changing in 2023
  2. What we are doubling down on
  3. What we will continue to ignore that others recommend

Join Andrew to hear much more!


Andrew is the founder of SavvyRevenue: an agency focused on scaling Paid Search for B2C eCommerce stores across Europe.

They manage Paid Search for some of the largest D2C brand and retail eCommerce stores or provide sparring to in-house teams. “Our core opinion on PPC is that “automation should drive everything at scale,” and you need to understand and solve the business problem, not solely the PPC challenges, to scale successfully.

We focus on the US and European market and are headquartered in Denmark.

Andrew Lolk
Founder & CEO