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In the fall of 2022, one of the most popular advertising campaign types for eCommerce businesses is no more: Smart Shopping.

Performance Max is not a replacement for Smart Shopping, it’s an evolution — something entirely different, and at the same time, it’s not.

  • Should you “upgrade” to Performance Max? If yes, how?
  • Should you go back to Standard Shopping? If yes, how?
  • Is there an in-between? Yes, but do you want it?

In this webinar, Andrew will walk you through the practitioner’s insights on how to deal with Performance Max.


Andrew is the founder of SavvyRevenue: an agency focused on scaling Paid Search for B2C eCommerce stores across Europe.

They manage Paid Search for some of the largest D2C brand and retail eCommerce stores or provide sparring to in-house teams. “Our core opinion on PPC is that “automation should drive everything at scale,” and you need to understand and solve the business problem, not solely the PPC challenges, to scale successfully.

We focus on the US and European market and are headquartered in Denmark.

Andrew Lolk
Founder & CEO