When you’re our client, it’s our job to do whatever it takes to ensure we achieve our targets, including

  • Management of all Facebook Ad aspects without limitations
  • Tactics to maximize profits/ROI based on tangible data sources
  • Proactive analysis to find expansion opportunities

In other words, you don’t hire us to add audiences, write ads, or perform similar tasks. You hire us to launch your campaigns to the next level to increase profits. In our experience, most advertisers don’t care how we achieve our goals; they only care that we do.

Our Facebook Ad management services include everything from writing persuasive ads to setting up targeted campaign structures that enable split-testing to ensure we’re tracking everything properly.

What’s important isn’t the specifics behind what we do but that you agree with our methodology.

Step-By-Step Methodology

Remarketing Targets Your Potential Customers

Our first step is to initiate solid remarketing efforts focused around Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads campaign. Doing so ensures that we’re able to provide incremental profits from advertising on Facebook.

After the initial Dynamic Product Ads campaigns, we initiate regular retargeting efforts using regular campaigns such Multi-Product Ads to maximize our efforts.

Lookalike Audiences Target People Similar to Your Customers

Having established profits on Facebook, we will start campaigns focused on lookalike audiences. A lookalike audience is an audience that resembles the characteristics of people who’ve already purchased from you.

We might see that people who like a specific segment of pottery pages are women in the thirty-to-fifty age group, and they are regular customers. We then actively start advertising to that group.

Audience-Based Targeting Expands Your Marketing

Extensive analysis goes into understanding the audience that we’ve successfully targeted through remarketing and lookalike audiences.

We then build our own custom audiences based on that knowledge and expand our Facebook ads to cover even more new, untargeted individuals on Facebook.

Lookalike + Audience-Based = Even More People to Retarget

The magic happens when you realize that the lookalike and audience-based campaigns are not only generating profits themselves, but they also fill up the audience list for our remarketing efforts on Facebook and Google Search and within the Google Display Network.

This strategy further fuels profits across our online marketing activities and will enable us to invest even more into Facebook Ads or take advantage of other channels.