Don't Know Where To Start With Google Shopping?

You’re not alone.

The vast majority of advertisers we speak to announce that they have no idea where to start when it comes to optimizing Google Shopping campaigns.

Your biggest challenges come around:

  • Shopping has previously had a super high ROI, but is only okay now
  • You have trouble growing your Shopping campaigns without lowering ROI

Most of all this stems from comparing Shopping advertising with regular Google Ads campaigns. Although both are Search, they are vastly different when it comes to workflow.

General Challenges with Google Shopping

Shopping Is not the same as Google Ads

Your current workflows aren’t working for Google Shopping, so all you’re trying to do is change some bid adjustments and add negative keywords.

Same Bid For All Keywords

This makes it difficult to grow your campaigns as you always bid based on “average performance“.

Lack of Product Groups Segmentation

This means that you bid based on average performance – rather than the performance of the individual product.

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How We Grow Your Shopping Results

Segmented Shopping Campaigns Based On Keyword Patterns

We make a specific bid for each of your products when they appear under certain conditions.

  • High Conversion Search = Aggressive Bid
  • Medium conversion search = Normal bid
  • Low conversion search = low bid

This is for example:

  • Nike marathon running shoes
  • Marathon running shoes
  • Runningshoes

Specific Campaign Setups

We’ll be able to see exactly how each product performs when your ads appear on specific keyword patterns.

Nuanced Bidding cf. ROI

This means that we can set much more nuanced bidding according to the individual product, as well as the type of search the product ad is displayed for.

Shopping Feed optimization

From start to finish, it’s all about optimizing your feed. Your feed is your campaign. Your feed is your keywords. Your feed is an essential part of a successful Google Shopping campaign.

We optimize your whole feed through our tool. Over time, we typically set up over 500 different rules that have one purpose: to make sure your feed is as flawless as possible and attracts as many visitors as possible.

We're Always Profitable.
But Here Is Our Pricing Structure.


We set a ROAS or profit target that will release our fee.

Percentage of Spend

Our fee is based on a percentage of your monthly Google Ads spend granted we’re above our target.

Dynamic Percentage

Our percentage starts at 20% and decreases the higher your spend gets.

Let's Take Your Google Shopping To The Next Level

Rapid Fire Questions

What should I be aware of?

We’re performance-driven. We don’t work well with vague goals like “reduce my CPC.” It’s all about ROI and being profitable.

How involved do I have to be?

As much or as little as you want. What you don’t need to be involved in is the technical PPC stuff. That’s our turf. We take all the advice and suggestions you have, but you hired us for a reason.

Can I get you to handle my Shooping campaigns only?

Yes. Our focus area is to take care of all your Google Ads advertising, but if you want to start by giving us Google Shopping you can do that.

Can I get a fixed price?

Yes. If you’re concerned about fluctuating costs, we can provide a fixed price.

How often do I hear from you?

Too much, we’re often told. You’ll hear from us at least once a week, and we’ll find a reporting format that fits your needs.