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Agency vs. In-house

In an agency, you work with other experienced PPC specialists, and you can bounce ideas off one another.

You can be inspired by tens, if not hundreds, of accounts, and you can test new initiatives under a variety of circumstances. In-house PPC managers don’t enjoy that luxury.

Get Straightforward, Non-Jargon Recommendations

Our Google Ads Roadmap gives you a second pair of eyes on your paid search program. It includes a list of recommended actions and explains why we’re recommending them.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Roadmap

You want to know if you’re on the right track

You’re worried about whether your agency is doing it right

You’re stuck in your day-to-day advertising

You want inspiration and tips for your work

eCommerce Stores We've Helped

The 12 Areas We Cover in
Your Google Ads Roadmap

Key Takeaways

Performance Assessment

Budget Exploitation

Bid Management

Campaign Settings

Campaign Structure

Keyword Selection

Keyword Match Types

Ad Testing Methodology

Google Shopping Strategy

Optimization Workflow

Growth Opportunities

What Our Clients Say

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We found it difficult to find the time and inspiration to develop and scale our Google Ads account in a busy day with many different marketing tasks.

The roadmap from SavvyRevenue not only provided us with short-term solutions to the here-and-now problems, but also with useful inputs and advice on how to work with our account in the long term.

Today, 6 months later, we have significantly increased our ROI on Google Ads, without increasing the number of hours we spend in-house.

It has been a really good investment for us and I would not hesitate a second to recommend a roadmap from SavvyRevenue to other busy marketing teams who need fresh eyes on their account.

Kristian Jønsson, Head of Growth, Sleeknote
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Andrew is an expert when it comes to working strategically with Google Ads. When you pair this with his insights to the latest trends in PPC advertising then he’s excellent.

At Hungry Group we’ve used Andrew to get a fresh perspective on our PPC advertising, so we could establish a proper strategy for the coming year(s).

In a matter of hours he was able to identify our accounts’ strengths and weaknesses as well as provide us with the necessary steps to take our accounts to the next level.

This is definitely not the last time we use Andrew for an Google Ads review.

Rune Risom, CEO, Hungry Group


Roadmap in PDF and Google Docs format for easy collaboration

Screen-sharing session to review the Roadmap and answer questions

Get Started with Your Google Ads Roadmap

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Google Ads Roadmap comes with a no-strings-attached satisfaction guarantee. If we don’t believe we’ll find enough improvements in your account while we’re reviewing it, we’ll let you know, and you can decide whether you want to go through with the Roadmap.

If we send you a Roadmap you’re not satisfied with, you don’t have to pay for it, and we’ll refund your deposit.

The only condition is that you inform us, if you are dissatisfied, within 3 days of delivering the Roadmap or before conducting the shared-screen meeting.

Rapid Fire Questions

Will this Roadmap throw me or my agency under the bus?

No. If the report also goes to an agency or your boss, we’ll be careful in our wording and focus on highlighting areas of improvements to ensure that nobody is thrown under the bus. We are only interested in helping our clients improve their business.

Are you specialized in any verticals?

We focus exclusively on e-commerce and accounts of more than DKK 50,000 per month in spend, but in order to get a Roadmap there is no spend requirement.

What do you need to perform a Roadmap?

Goals, access to Google Ads, Analytics, Merchant Center and some insights about your business.


Do you need access to my account?

Yes, and we also need access to your current data feed or the tool you use to optimize it.

Isn’t Google Docs for amateurs?

A Google Doc isn’t flashy, but it’s excellent for sharing questions and answers. Don’t worry, though—you’ll get the fancy PDF version as well.

Can I start with a Roadmap and then go into your management services?

Yes. If you sign with our management services within thirty days of getting the paid search Roadmap, we’ll give you a discount of half the price you paid for your Roadmap.