As a consultant I’ve used Andrew for setup and management of AdWords in three countries for multiple e-commerce businesses.

After having tried a couple of the larger agencies without any success, we’ve finally been able to develop a successful account that’s slowly growing and becoming more profitable with Andrew’s help.

Andrew isn’t the cheapest option, but he’s just that much better. 

Nikolaj Astrup Madsen –

Andrew is an expert when it comes to working strategically with AdWords. When you pair this with his insights to the latest trends in PPC advertising then he’s excellent.

At Hungry Group we’ve used Andrew to get a fresh perspective on our PPC advertising, so we could establish a proper strategy for the coming year(s).

In a matter of hours he was able to identify our accounts’ strengths and weaknesses as well as provide us with the necessary steps to take our accounts to the next level.

This is definitely not the last time we use Andrew for an AdWords review.

Rune Risom, CEO, Hungry Group

SavvyRevenue have a couple of competencies in particular where they separate themselves from the rest.

One of them is to turn poor-performing campaigns into profit-drivers. We’ve had multiple agencies involved in our AdWords advertising, and every time something didn’t perform, they’d just shut it off. That’s where Savvy is different. They’ll test ads, try new keywords, swap landing pages, etc. until they make it work.

If you’re a medium or big ecommerce store that want to put a rocket under your business, I highly recommend SavvyRevenue.

Christian Moller, Marketing Director, Billig Fitness

After having SavvyRevenue recommended to me we started working together.

Despite an early skepticism, we’ve found that Andrew and the SavvyRevenue team has been a valuable asset to our online business.

From the beginning they’ve been very attentive to experiences we’ve had, the worries we felt and were great to communicate. They get a quick sense of our entire business.

One thing I’d like to highlight is that SavvyRevenue doesn’t just look back and optimize existing campaigns. They’re good at sending suggestions for new campaigns, and even give suggestions to new categories on the website that can support our entire business –  not just PPC.

Jane & Ann, Owners,

Before we engaged SavvyRevenue our biggest worry was whether we’d hit a plateau in our AdWords account. Our campaigns covered a lot and had been optimized for years, so we weren’t sure how much mure we could get out of the account.

In the end we chose to engage SavvyRevenue because of their credible reputation and great PPC competencies.

This has resulted in a consistent growth (+50%) across our entire AdWords account.

We’re also excited about seeing campaigns that had previously been forgotten be revived and become profitable. This combination has resulted in a bigger reach than ever before.

Marcus Forsberg, Head of Marketing, Bedre Nætter

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