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growth in revenue

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How we did it


With the implementation of Smart Bidding, it was important for us to create an account structure that accommodates the use of Smart Bidding.

That’s why the choice landed on a granular structure against best practice.

In this case, we have created a structure where Smart Bidding can be used to turn up specific brands and categories without affecting the amount of data to Smart Bidding. On top of that, we can avoid turning up brands and categories where we do not expect high performance on.


A part of our focus with Eventyrsport’s ads has been to support the combined business, including the physical stores.

By introducing “large visits” tracking, we have seen a direct connection between increased online sessions (49,8%) and the number of visits in the physical stores – at an even lower avg. cpc.

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SavvyRevenue provides great commercial value. We find that they are incredibly sharp in the commercial field as well as in our business affairs.

In addition, there is an enormous amount of good sparring between Savvy and us when it comes to taking advantage of the demand in the market. This has allowed us to navigate safely between the top and bottom line.

Savvy comes with proactive questions that keep us sharp. Additionally, they consistently seeks a deep understanding before making any decisions.

Savvy is truly a proactive sparring partner that helps us achieve the growth targets we set for ourselves.
Mads Nedergaard -Marketingchef, Eventyrsport
Mads Nedergaard
Marketingchef, Eventyrsport

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Filip Lindblom
Director of PPC & Co-owner SavvyRevenue

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