SavvyRevenue is a Google Ads Agency
Dedicated to Growing Webshops

We are driven by quality.
From the customers we work with, to the work we do, quality is the keyword.

We are neither the cheapest nor the fastest on the market and this is the result of a unique focus on quality. Our solutions create growth in webshops, and once we get started, you don’t have to wonder if it works or not.

We Love What We Do…

Going to work should be exciting. No crazy deadlines. No weekend work. No unhappy faces due to incorrectly set customer expectations.

Our consultants are our strongest asset, and this is reflected in how we work in everyday life.

We deal with last-minute requests from customers through better planning and communication.

A Strong Foundation 

With us you will find three simple core values:

Be honest, work smart and seek improvements each day.

Honesty should not be a core value, but unfortunately in today’s marketing industry it is a necessity.

In the end, a collaboration with SavvyRevenue is always about math. Do you make more money when everything is calculated? Then we can have a good cooperation. It’s really that simple.

eCommerce We Match Perfectly

We create the most value for webshops that have a healthy business. You typically sell ordinary consumer goods (see our cases) and have a PPC budget of over DKK 50,000 per month, or have the potential to get up there.

Our core customers face the following challenges:

  • Growing their Google Ads advertising profitably
  • Build and optimize data feeds across Google and other marketplaces
  • Specific strategies throughout the year, cf. high season (Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas)
  • Better understanding and utilization of mobile traffic
  • Implementing business data in the Google Ads strategy

All this is based on e-commerce, as our core competence.

The Team Behind SavvyRevenue

Thomas Lester

Thomas stems from in-house – with a 50/50 split in PPC & eCommerce.

A lethal combo in Savvy.

He salsa dances better than Andrew and is a genuine celebrity.

Thomas Lester PPC Specialist
Simon Villumsen

Simon brings an extensive knowledgebase within Google Ads to the team and he chose SavvyRevenue for the possibility to dive even deeper into his work.

When he’s not at the office, you can find him at the nearest lake with his fishing pole and flippers.

Simon Villumsen PPC Specialist
Mikkel Milling

The tallest person in the office at 9 feet.

Joins us with experiences across SEO, a small agency, and a large agency.

Attended the same middle school as Andrew. Small world?

Mikkel Milling PPC Specialist
Natalie Lopez

Natalie started doing the Covid-19, so she got a 100% remote start in SavvyRevenue.

She took it all with a smile, and the cats at home even got extra toys with all the boxes of equipment she received.

Natalie Lopez PPC Specialist
Lucas Caspersen

Savvy’s youngest feature.

Lucas is responsible for our inbound marketing activities and makes it possible for you to see and read all of our content.

Said he never go out, but was the last man standing at the Christmas party.

Lucas Caspersen Inbound Marketing Manager
Esben Hornbøl

The office’s absolute most technical consultant.

With a background in SEO and partial programming, it is Esben we all look to when it gets a little too technical.

Represents the office’s most nerdy feature.

Esben Hornbøl Senior PPC Specialist
Daniel Sherigian

Former SEO consultant who saw the light of Google Ads.

Was able to cite Andrew’s GoLearn course in the interview = immediate employment.

Have taken a Python course and saved the office hundreds of hours by using automation.

Daniel Sherigian PPC Specialist
Daniel Liliendahl

Specialist in webshop advertising.

Two years in BestSeller, and 2.5 years as a consultant before SavvyRevenue, gives Daniel an excellent insight to strategically help webshops sell more.

Huge football fan.

Daniel Liliendahl Lead PPC Specialist
Filip Lindblom

Worked in marketing since 2014, and specifically with PPC since 2015.

First SavvyRevenue employee, and part-owner.

Responsibly for day-to-day operations in our Copenhagen office.

Love chicken on pizza.

Filip Lindblom Director of PPC
Andrew Lolk

One of Denmark’s most recognized PPC experts.

Lecturer at international conferences and GoLearn teaches.

Master of awkward jokes.

Andrew Lolk Founder