Get a Handwritten
Google Ads Roadmap

- including practical recommendations
based on
your business

A Google Ads roadmap is a hand-written action plan with
in-depth recommendations for your specific business and scenario.

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What you get with a roadmap

The action plan consists of a list of specific actions (typically between 10 to 20) that you can execute in order to improve the performance of your Google Ads account

We include explanations to why we recommend as we do and what benefits/dangers you should be aware of – written in a down-to-earth way that everyone can understand. 

The best part?

You get two follow-ups where we review, and customize, the action items as well as provide feedback on what you’ve implemented. 

Shall we?

See what our clients say

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Specific suggestions

Your roadmap consists of handwritten recommendations customized to your business. We will often adjust our recommendations based on our follow-ups to fit your resources, competencies, and goals. It needs to make sense for you.

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No one-size recommendations

No one-size recommendations Our recommendations are based on your business. It doesn’t help you to do things a certain way if just because. And before you get started on anything, we’ll highlight the potential dangers of doing so.

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Review of results

You don’t just get a PDF and an invoice. We review it with you and open up for questions. We’ll later have a second follow-up to go through what you’ve set up and how you can improve further.

Do I Need a Roadmap?

Maybe. Do you recognize the following?

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You feel stuck – and need input on how you can improve performance

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You need a fresh point of view – to avoid missing obvious areas of improvement

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You spend a lot of time optimizing –but aren’t confident you’re doing it right

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You want to improve your account – but lack a set direction of how to do it

Hear what other advertisers are saying

We found it difficult to find the time and inspiration to develop and scale our Google Ads account in a busy day with many different marketing tasks.

The roadmap from SavvyRevenue not only provided us with short-term solutions to the here-and-now problems but also with useful inputs and advice on how to work with our account in the long term.

Today, 6 months later, we have significantly increased our ROI on Google Ads, without increasing the number of hours we spend in-house.

It has been a really good investment for us and I would not hesitate a second to recommend a roadmap from SavvyRevenue to other busy marketing teams who need fresh eyes on their account.
Kristian Jønsson
Head of Growth, Sleeknote
Andrew is an expert when it comes to working strategically with Google Ads. When you pair this with his insights to the latest trends in PPC advertising then he's excellent.

At Hungry Group we've used Andrew to get a fresh perspective on our PPC advertising, so we could establish a proper strategy for the coming year(s).

In a matter of hours, he was able to identify our accounts' strengths and weaknesses as well as provide us with the necessary steps to take our accounts to the next level.

This is definitely not the last time we use Andrew for a Google Ads review.
Rune Risom
CEO, Hungry Group

How it works

What’s included in a Roadmap?

Our roadmap consists of a list of observations, insights, and action items for your Google Ads account.

We usually get around the following aspects:

Curious to see what it actually looks like?

No problem. Here’s an anonymized example of a roadmap we created. No email gate or anything. Just click.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our reputation means everything. If – for whatever reason – you’re not happy with your roadmap, you don’t have to pay a dime. We’re that confident in what we do.

The only condition is that you let us know within three days of receiving the roadmap, or at least before we go through with the review.

Filip Lindblom
Director of PPC & Co-owner SavvyRevenue

Filip Lindblom
Director of PPC & Co-owner SavvyRevenue


No. If the roadmap is intended to be shown to your boss, then we will be more considerate of the way we portray our suggestions, so nobody is thrown under the proverbial bus.

Our core focus is eCommerce.

We need access to your account, and knowledge of your goals + available resources.

Seeing that we will have done all the initial work, then you will get the setup costs discounted.