Google Ads in 2023

What we will start, stop and continue doing

It's time to move on...

I have made predictions for many years on some of the most popular publications on the Internet, and they are always kind of useless. 

We get asked to do the wildest, most outrageous predictions because they gather clicks and eyeballs. 

So in this SavvySession we will do it differently this time.

I’ll give you in practical terms:

  1. What we are planning on changing in 2023
  2. What we are doubling down on
  3. What we will continue to ignore that others recommend

PS. Remember to post your questions when you sign up! I read them all, and will incorporate them in the session. 

Hi, I'm Andrew - a top 25 PPC expert in 2022

I’m the founder of SavvyRevenue: an agency solely for mid-to-large eCommerce businesses.

We could add some marketing speak here, but if you don’t know us this is us:

  • We run Google Ads (Search, Shopping, YouTube) for top eCommerce businesses in Europe
  • We manage 27 million euros in annual ad spend that generate 134 million in revenue across 39 advertisers
  • We don’t care what Google recommends – we use what works for us and discard anything else
  • We are pro automation, and pro human insights, and hate doing something twice
  • +20,000 people joined sessions we produced across webinars, books and conferences worldwide in 2022 
In other words: We are the ones people call when they don’t know what to do — or when they need the top people in PPC to see through all the BS in the industry. 
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