Specialized Google Ads management for eCommerce

Most eCommerce advertisers we talk to are not sure what they should be able to get out of Google Ads.

You may be familiar with the following

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Your performance is decent, but you want to take it to the next level

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You’re questioning whether you’re tapping into your full potential

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Competition is getting fiercer, and you’re lacking sufficient time to do it all

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You tried to scale your Google Ads account but wrecked your ROAS

It’s exactly in these scenarios where we come in. We have a documented history of scaling Google Ads accounts that had seemed maxed out on paper.

We handle everything related to your Google Ads account, from strategy, setup, and keyword research to optimization and reporting. Search, Shopping, Display, YouTube—you name it, we crush it

In other words:

We take full responsibility for the performance of your Google Ads account from day one.

Others' experience with SavvyRevenue

The Savvy way

There are numerous reasons why we’re the best-in-class when it comes to Google Ads for eCommerce.

We believe it comes down to the way we work.

We’re proactive, and it’s not just something we claim.

We work in 90-day cycles. Every quarter, we look back: What was good, and what was bad? We then create a new plan for the next quarter that answers the question: How do we maximize your potential?

We automate - and incorporate it into everything we do.

If a task is repeatable, then we’ll automate it. This releases us from manually adding keywords, products, and so on, so that we can instead analyze your data, lay the strategy, and improve.

We have enough time for each client, and we consider new avenues.

Every team member has between three and seven clients. This means that your contact has time to think in new ways and try new ideas to improve your performance. 

However, none of our consultants work in a silo. They’re backed up by the Savvy framework, our founders, and the entire team. You have one point of contact, but you also have access to our collective knowledge and experience. 

We don’t believe that we’re smarter than anybody else. We’ve simply tried more than most, and because the team only works with eCommerce, they have the time to go deeper. 

It’s that simple.

But hey!
Don’t just believe what we say.
Hear directly from our clients.

We safely trust that we are in good hands with SavvyRevenue, which every quarter comes up with good ideas for continued growth opportunities.
Anton Danielsen
Ecommerce Manager, Illums Bolighus
I enjoy being in the trenches as often as possible, but also find peace in knowing that performance will be at the top, even if I'm busy with something else. I highly recommend SavvyRevenue to any serious eCommerce company.
Michael Ewald
Ecommerce Director, Lakrids by Bülow
The value SavvyRevenue creates for us is not only in terms of revenue but also a stress-free environment for my team and me to know that there’s always someone over there taking care of our ads and paid traffic in Denmark.

This lets my team and I focus on the things that we’re good at.
Sebastian Bremo
Head of eCommerce, gulvogfliseeksperten.dk

How it works

We have a set process for starting new collaborations to ensure that we get off to a good start, for your sake and ours.

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1. Introduction

We discuss your business plan, marketing plan, challenges, and potential. You can ask as many questions as you want.

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2. Account review

We review your account for potential upsides in an honest fashion. If we’re not a good match, we’ll let you know and refer you out.

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3. Proposal

You receive a proposal including our initial focus and conditions, and we discuss the potential upsides of our collaboration -- and of course we include the price.

Our collaboration is always fruitful. This is our pricing.

You can choose one of two pricing options: a flat rate or a percentage of media spend.

Percentage of spend

You pay a percentage of your ad spend. We include a ROAS clause so that we can’t “just spend more to make more.”

The percentage starts at 20%.

Flat rate

Ideal for established accounts.
You pay a fixed amount per month. You know what it will cost today, next month, and the month after that.

Price starts at $1,950 per month.

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Andrew Lolk
Founder & CEO

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