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First success - ever - with Google Ads


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growth in revenue compared to year 1

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higher ROAS compared to year 1

How we did it

  • Created with Sketch. Focusing on the most popular brands for the foundation
  • Created with Sketch. Segmentet in mobile, desktop and tablet
  • Created with Sketch. Set up Shopping with focus on high converting keywords
  • Created with Sketch. Manual test of Search campaigns
  • Created with Sketch. Automated Search across the catalog
  • Created with Sketch. Constant communicating about possibilities, as well as insights from Illums Bolighus


Illums Bolighus had never really experienced any success with Google Ads before.

By taking a step ladder approach together with Illums Bolighus, we were able to make baby steps towards building a healthy foundation that was profitable.

Since then, we have increased our expectations for Google Ads a lot and are today a part of Illums Bolighus’ online strategy.

New website

Seperated from our work, Illums Bolighus got a new website, which made our work significantly easier. Faster loading time, better usability and a focus on exclusivity have resulted in even better results

Illums Bolighus had never made this investment, if the case had not been proven first on Google Ads and Facebook Ads (powered by PL & Partners). 

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SavvyRevenue was recommended to us by our good collaborator PL & Partners.
It was important for us to find someone who could talk to us strategically about eCommerce, and with SavvyRevenue's specialty in e-commerce it was a good match.

After a quiet start, we have gotten a strong foundation in Google Ads and we are thrilled about being able to still grow this channel.

We safely trust that we are in good hands with SavvyRevenue, which every quarter comes up with good ideas for continued growth opportunities.
Anton Danielsen
Ecommerce Manager, Illums Bolighus

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growth in revenue


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