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One of the first decisions we made in SavvyRevenue was that to be the best growth partner for eCommerce stores, we had to say no to things.

We believe that by working in the same niche every day, we discover nuances that other agencies aren’t able to identify. 

Our typical clients are DTC brands, or eCommerce stores reselling other brands (often with a mix of private label).

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Who we work with

We like to divide our clients into two main types:

  • eCommerce: You resell others’ brands
  • Direct-To-Consumer: You sell your own brand mainly

As we’ve worked in the industry a long time, we’ve discovered the skills for both do not 100% overlap. 

Our team is therefore split between DTC specialists, and eCommerce store specialists. 

We further categorize the clients we work with like this:

  • Startups: Your product is great, but lack proof of concept. Not our best fit, but if the potential is big, we’ll talk.
  • Scale-ups: There is proof of concept, but Google Ads isn’t producing satisfactory, or it is but there is trouble scaling. We’re perfect here.
  • Mature: You’re succesful in every way, and are looking to maximize Google Ads as a channel. We’re perfect here. 

We work with clients across most revenue brackets, but usually don’t work with clients under $5m/year in revenue. 

If you’re a lean team, we can be a great fit for you at $5m in revenue while other times it’s a tad early. But reach out and we’ll talk. 

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Filip Lindblom
Managing Director, Partner

"We increase your revenue within your profit margin"

We've Built a Framework
for eCommerce Growth

Our entire framework is designed to scale eCommerce businesses. 

The tools we use and the processes we’ve built have all been chosen and customized for that purpose. 

That approach means we create more case studies per client than most other agencies:



Revenue Growth



Revenue Growth



Revenue Growth

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Revenue Growth

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Revenue Growth


Revenue Growth

Our philosophy:

Great Advertising Can't Overcome
a Bad Product

Our core belief when we work with clients is that:

  • Your product has to be good
  • You have to do right by your customers
  • You need to be able to grow

We determine whether we’re a fit based on:

  • You have proof of concept – and are ready to scale
  • Your reviews – if you don’t take care of your customers then great advertising will hit a ceiling
  • You know how to scale your end of the business – as long as you’re profitable

These aren’t pass/fail. If you have proof of concept but have problems scaling, then we can still be a good fit – while you work on solving it.

We collect advertisers who are problem solvers. 

That’s when we achieve a synergy that makes each other better – and that’s when it gets really fun (ka-chiiiing).

Andrew Lolk
Founder & Top 25 PPC expert

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