Our focus is to scale your Google Ads campaigns
while staying within your profit margins

Does your ROI decrease when you try to grow your Google Ads account? Or have you stayed at the same performance level for a while?

Most advertisers who contact us share these challenges:

  • Experience OK results, but want to take their Google Ads campaigns to the next level
  • Their market has become more competitive for a DIY-approach
  • Their account has grown significantly, and they don’t feel they have the in-house skills

This is exactly the challenges we’re designed to solve. With our Google Ads approach, we can grow accounts that on paper appears to have plateaued. 

Growth is easy. Profitable Growth Is Difficult.
Here Is Why

The Buyer’s Journey is Dynamic

A lack of understanding for the dynamic buyer’s journey makes it tough for you to scale your advertising. 

Wrong Strategy

We only work with eCommerce stores. We don’t have generic “Google Ads strategies”. We go deeper because we can. 

Missing Workflows and Processes

You’re not optimizing your entire account regularly. A lot can be improved by doing the basics right. Fancy or new isn’t always better.

eCommerce Stores We've Helped

Our Established Framework Scale
Google Ads Campaigns Profitably


Campaigns Segmented by Device

Depending on performance, product and website we segment campaigns in individual device-specific campaigns in order to get the most out of each individual device.

This follows a work smart model. We don’t overcomplicate it if we don’t feel we have to.

Holistic Google Ads Bid Management

We never just review a single keyword’s performance, but also at how the keyword/effort contributes to the overall effort.

Nothing in Google Ads can stand alone, and we understand that it’s not a “1-click, 1-sale” kind of world anymore.

Systematic Approach to Growth and Profits

We work with an approach that eventually will cover your entire buyer’s journey with relevant keywords. This comes in stages based on the current performance level.
Our campaign setup follows:

We can be as aggressive, or careful, as you want when growing your account.
Most people want to start by seeing results with approaches 1 to 3 and then then continue with 4, 5, 6 one by one.

What Our Clients Say

SavvyRevenue has been handling our Google Ads for several years. In that timespan we have seen an increase in revenue, and we have freed up a lot of internal time spent on Google Ads previously.

Our cooperation with Savvy doesn’t end with Google Ads though. They are great at suggesting site improvements for increased performance and spar with on other factors outside of Google Ads.

They have a can-do attitude about everything, which is delightful.

Frederik Nielsen, Founder and co-owner, avXperten

Before we started a collaboration with SavvyRevenue we were concerned that we had hit a plateau compared to our past history. Our campaigns were very comprehensive, so we weren’t sure if we could get more out of the account.

In the end, we chose a partnership with SavvyRevenue because of their good reputation and professional skills.

This has resulted in steady percentage growth in the entire Danish Google Ads account, as well as a healthy business in Norway and Sweden.​

Marcus Forsberg, Head of Marketing, Bedre Nætter
  • 1) Discovery call

    We’ll listen while you explain your company’s history, challenges, benefits and goals for the future.

    We’ll talk about our approach, and how we see our engagement move forward.

  • 2) Assessment of Potential

    We gain access to Google Ads, Bing Ads and Google Analytics.

    We perform a brief analysis of your current performance to make sure that our engagement can be profitable.

  • 3) Present findings & official proposal

    Granted we find the needed potential in the account, we move forward to an official proposal.

    It includes our approach, initial 3-month focus, pricing and ROI calculations.

  • 4) We optimize for biggest impact

    Our initial efforts are almost always a mix of optimizing for the low hanging fruit, and creating new campaigns.

    The focus is on making the biggest impact, so you can see we’re not all talk.

  • 6) Strategic planning every quarter

    Besides the ongoing communication, we discuss and present plans every quarter.

    This is where we stop everything we’re doing, get up in the helicopter and gain the 10,000 foot view of what the next steps should be.

We're Always Profitable.
But Here Is Our Pricing Structure.


We set a ROAS or profit target that will release our fee.

Percentage of Spend

Our fee is based on a percentage of your monthly Google Ads spend granted we’re above our target.

Dynamic Percentage

Our percentage starts at 20% and decreases the higher your spend gets.

Let's Discover Your Google Ads Potential

Rapid Fire Questions

What should I be aware of?

We’re performance-driven. We don’t work well with vague goals like “reduce my CPC.” It’s all about ROI and being profitable.

How involved do I have to be?

As much or as little as you want. What you don’t need to be involved in is the technical PPC stuff. That’s our turf. We take all the advice and suggestions you have, but you hired us for a reason.

Can I get a fixed price?

Yes. If you’re concerned about fluctuating costs, we can provide a fixed price.

Do you work with my current account?

Yes. Our priority is to do better than you’re doing now, not to start from scratch just for the sake of it.

Why charge a percentage of ad spend?

We combine the percentage of ad spend with a performance target, usually ROI. That ensures we keep growing your paid advertising, but in a profitable manner so it’s a win-win.

How often do I hear from you?

Too much, we’re often told. You’ll hear from us at least once a week, and we’ll find a reporting format that fits your needs.