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lower ROAS

How we did it


After analysis of previous years’ performance, we decided to do things differently than the previous agency.

There are two months a year when we get revenue. 75% of the revenue is within 30 days. So we need to be sure about strategy, bidding, and more to secure performance across six countries.

With a simple account structure that prioritizes bestsellers and an aggressive bidding structure on top, we hit the targets two years in a row.

Aggressive push, but not too much

One of the most important focus points is that we only have two months to hit the revenue and ROAS target.

Low revenue = money tied up on shelved items for next year. Not a good thing.

Low ROAS = no earned money is an even worse thing.

Our focus is on the fundamentals:

  • Smart Bidding with an aggressive ROAS target
  • Frequent updates on targets, seasonal bid adjustments, and max CPSs
  • Use Blended ROAS numbers to ensure we don’t have a yo-yo effect when turning up, down, up, down
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We have worked with Savvy for 2 years, and they separate themselves significantly from other agencies we have worked with.

Everything from payment structure, how they take on a case, and the initial talk works. They don’t act like sellers but like someone who shows an interest in growing your business and keeping you as a customer.

In other words, we have finally found an agency that can keep up with our demands and contribute to our growth.

Ever since we started cooperating with Savvy we have seen a 350% increase in our webshops in 2 years, despite a difficult time with national crises, inflation, and recession. It is not all Savvy, but they are a big part of it.
Christoffer Sloth
CMO & Co-founder christmassweats.com

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Filip Lindblom
Director of PPC & Co-owner SavvyRevenue

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